Global Health is Wealth

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Who We Are

Azuka and Ify Foundation is a charity working to break down the barriers that prevent the world of less privileged to lead happy and fulfilled lives.

Established in 2010, we are a US based charity and our projects are around the world and are run by local communities who are committed to - and know the needs of - their own communities.

The World problems can be awful. But the solutions are not rocket science by any means. With your help and contribution the World Health, Education, Farm to Feed and hope for the future by Youth Empowerment can be achieved.


What We Believe

• We believe Global Health is Wealth.
• We believe every child should have the opportunity to learn and go to school.
• We believe every child should be cared for and nurtured.

Azuka and Ify Foundation is a leader in growing global philanthropy. The Foundation builds partnerships and resources for the world’s most vulnerable people by providing quality, affordable Health and Education. Azuka and Ify Foundation campaigns to generate funding for an alliance of more than 250 international charities, Through these partnerships, Azuka and Ify Foundation meets real needs with real results by supporting programs focused on Global Health and Education Development.


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