Farming has been known to be one of the block building structures of a rural community. The Azuka and Ify Ubani foundation has taken a bold step to making sure the farmers and its products are secured for the development of the community.

Based on statistics more than 40% of the community are farmers who practices farming through the local methods aiming at providing enough product for themselves and few for commercial reasons. Among the 40%, 30% are elderly men and women of age bracket 40 to 55yrs while 10% are middle-aged individuals. Looking back in the 90’s the numbers are higher and the age brackets moved higher with the middle aged. A considerable study shows that the community has verse hectares of land which are fertile and good for farming but the under use of the opportunities brings the foundation to partnership. Farming projects has been considered as very important to the community as it does provide availability food for the community, more job opportunities and financial benefits to the farmers.

Based on the study the farmers requires assistance in tractors for tilling the ground and harvesting, a tractor each can be rotated round the communities and it will serve for the purpose needed. Also fertilizers are needed to provide a better harvest in some crops during off season. They also require a means of transportation to assist in transporting harvested fruits and crops to the main towns and markets for sales. Based on research we discovered that most of the plants die due to weeds growing around it and in some cases the harvest is poor or underdeveloped. We also discovered that provision of a certain chemical (herbicides) and applying it at a certain period of cultivating these plants will protect the plants and the harvest will be productive.

The Azuka and Ify Ubani Foundation has taken a giant step in meeting the assistance required. Presently a board has been set up by the foundation to optimize the needs in value of finance required to carry out the project. The board is also mandated to provide the proper channel that will make sure the assistance gets to the appropriate farmers. Also to make sure the assistance is used for the purpose required. The foundation has met with the farmer’s associations and community leaders in relation with the project and this brought a welcome development to the community. The foundation is budgeting about 36,000,000.00 naira (thirty six million naira) towards assisting the 21 communities in the Delta North senatorial districts of Delta State of Nigeria. These communities includes Owa Oyibu,Owa Alero, Owa Ofien, Owa Alizormor, Idumesah, Igbodo, Umunede, Emuhu ,Ute, Ekuku-Agbor, Owa Alidema, AgborAlidma, Uteogbeji, Akumazi, Owereolubon, Agbornta, AgborObi, Alifekede, Mbiri, Aligha gwu, Ewuru ,Alihami, and Ozanogogo. The numbers of farmers targeting are about 3,300 individual farmers and 1,000 group and community farmers.

We the Azuka and Ify Ubani Foundation are so willing to partnership with you as an individual, group or cooperate bodies. This partnership will go along way in actualizing the dreams of the farmers by providing food for the communities, employments of over 2000 middle aged men, women and youths. Also this will make food available in the communities, towns, senatorial districts and the state at large. Finally this will reduce the cost food products to its minimum availability. For partnership, donations or other contributions please contact us.


Empowering the Youths and Rural Farming


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